As part of Dubai's continuous pursuit of technological innovation, the Dubai government is taking a lead in positioning the emirate as a model for digital transformation in cities around the world. To achieve this goal, Digital Dubai has recently adopted the advanced Soulbound Token technology - the most advanced generation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

In a groundbreaking move, Digital Dubai has issued the world's first Secured Digital Certificates as Soulbound NFTs, making it the first use case of this technology anywhere in the world. This new technology enables certificates to be permanently linked to an individual's digital wallet, making them highly secure and tamper-proof. The certificates cannot be transferred, sold, or disposed of, but can be verified by any party if required. This makes the certificates intrinsically trusted and eliminates the need for any third-party attestation.

The Dubai Cyber Innovation Park (DCIPark), an affiliate of the Dubai Electronic Security Centre, granted the first Secure Digital Certificate to the first cohort of graduates from the CISO Executive program. The program had the participation of 17 government and semi-governmental entities. This certificate marks the first-ever use case of Soulbound Technology, which was adopted by Digital Dubai. This technology is a significant step towards a more secure and efficient future for digital certifications and will help Dubai to maintain its leadership position in the digital transformation space.

Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, the Director General of Digital Dubai, highlighted that the accelerated pace of technological advancements has brought the future closer than ever before. He expressed his pride in the agile government of Dubai, which wastes no time in embracing developments and putting them into practice to drive digital transformation and shape the future today. Al Mansoori emphasised that the issuance of the first Self-Secured Digital Certificate marks a new stage for e-certificates, where individuals and institutions can showcase their certificates and achievements in a sovereign and trusted way without relying on third parties.

Al Mansoori further emphasised that Dubai is a pioneer in introducing breakthrough initiatives that assert its global leadership in digital transformation, help improve quality of life, and ensure the wellbeing of the Dubai community. To digitize all aspects of life in the Emirate of Dubai and provide integrated, comprehensive digital services, an impenetrable electronic security system is necessary to mitigate any potential risks. This is a prime objective for Digital Dubai, and they work to implement it in close cooperation with their strategic partners. Al Mansoori invited these partners to explore this game-changing technology and its potential uses in their operations to serve the objectives of the Dubai Government.

Regarding the training programs designed by DCIPark to train cybersecurity leaders in various sectors, Al Mansoori explained that these programmes promote a cybersecurity culture and build an impenetrable barrier against cyberthreats across various institutions. He congratulated the CISO executives who completed the programme and expressed confidence that they would go on to establish proactive cybersecurity measures in their work environments and in the community as a whole.