Makkah -- The advanced, multi-story residential towers in Mina represent a unique architectural model that provides high-quality services to pilgrims during the 1445 AH Hajj season. The ten towers can accommodate over 30,000 pilgrims and feature modern designs inspired by Makkah's urban identity. The aim is to enhance the urban landscape and provide a comforting experience for the pilgrims.

The Kidana Development Company, the leading developer of the Holy Sites, completed the Kidana Al-Wadi 6 project in nine months in partnership with the private sector.

The residential buildings, suitable for accommodating pilgrims from the grand mosque, offer various logistical services, including clinic rooms, medical services, internal praying and dining halls, and central kitchens.

They are also conveniently located near the Jamarat facility, providing pilgrims with a unique and unprecedented experience during their stay in Mina. These facilities are all to ensure that everything they need to perform their rituals is prepared in an atmosphere of faith and spirituality.

Kidana also focused on developing the main infrastructure of the ten buildings, ensuring that they have a water storage capacity of approximately 6,600 m3 and a power station capacity of 33 megawatts.

The modern buildings are intended to serve as a competitive model in serving the pilgrims and represent a future vision that not only highlights the Kingdom's efforts to achieve the highest levels of excellence in the services provided to pilgrims but also inspires hope for the continuous improvement and sustainability of these services.