Dubai is witnessing increasing interest in maritime lifestyle properties and waterfront residences, as the launch of Dubai Harbour residences looms on the horizon.

The Dubai Harbour Residences are located in a prime position within the vibrant seafront district of Dubai Harbour, at the intersection of the iconic Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island. They will offer stunning views of the harbour, convenient proximity to the sea, and effortless access to the waterfront promenade.

On the inaugural day of the Dubai Boat Show, Sudhin Siva, VP, Commercial Operations, Shamal Holding, on the sidelines, unveiled the details of the project, explaining why this will make an ideal home for those who have a penchant for the sea.

Speaking to Khaleej Times on Wednesday, he said, “The Dubai Harbour residences will be a low-rise, boutique residential development that would house just over 350 apartment units. These would have one to four-bedroom apartments. It is a very sought-after location.”

He added, “Obviously the Marina plays a central role as part of the lifestyle offering that you have. So I think anybody who's living, visiting Dubai Harbour, or simply strolling around would get that sense of it being all about the ‘sea state of mind’, which is how we position ourselves. But as we go into the future, people will see us grow further, adapting to the requirements, and changes of Dubai and what residents and visitors want in this part of the town.”

Siva emphasised that the project, currently in the masterplan phase, is flexible in responding to market needs.

“The approach that we are taking is that in the next five to six years, people would see a more vibrant Dubai Harbour as a destination. There have been a lot of people moving to Dubai, making the city their primary home. So, this demand continues. This triggers the need for more homes. We are effectively meeting that demand.”

Shedding light on the other components that’ll be introduced as part of the Dubai Harbour residences, Siva added, “We expect to have the combination of hotels, restaurants, and retail facilities. Additionally, we are adding more berths to the marina, so we'll be over 700 berths. This is also because of the demand that we have, which is at about 90 per cent occupancy, so you can tell that we're ideally positioned to take the destination forward. We have elements like the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club. Similarly, we have another area called the Pier Club, which also has restaurants and a lounge. So, I think when we look at Dubai Harbour in its totality, it integrates as a seafront destination.

New bridge

Meanwhile, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has inked an agreement, with Shamal Holding to develop entry and exit points for Dubai Harbour.

RTA will undertake the construction of a two-lane bridge in each direction spanning 1500 metres and accommodating 6,000 vehicles per hour. This bridge will extend from Sheikh Zayed Road to Dubai Harbour, the seafront district.

Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer, Shamal Holding said, “Upon its completion, the bridge will provide free traffic flow to and from Dubai Harbour, which occupies an exceptional location on the scenic seafront of the Emirate of Dubai. This project is part of our commitment to building extraordinary residential and tourist communities.”

He added, “In the coming months, we believe more people will integrate maritime destinations as part of their lifestyle choices as they seek greater connections with the sea. We have seen consumer preferences evolve in recent years. They are not only looking for enriching and transformative experiences since the pandemic, but now, they are looking for ones that are easily accessible and can provide repeat memories with loved ones. The lure of the open water offers moments of introspection and restoration.”


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