Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer) has announced a new initiative aimed at improving waste segregation and promoting recycling practices throughout the Emirate.

To address the challenges of waste segregation, Tadweer's new strategy includes the rollout of new, larger-capacity green recycling containers in defined, central locations. Green recycling containers are designated for recyclable materials only, while black waste containers will be used for all types of non-reusable waste.

Tadweer will assign separate vehicles to collect the green and black receptacles to ensure that waste is properly sorted and processed. Recyclable waste will be transported to Tadweer's recycling facility for further segregation, treatment, and processing.

Residents may dispose of their dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard, pet bottles, aluminum cans, and glass in the newly-deployed green bins. Black bins should be used for single-use plastic products such as straws and plastic bags, food waste, etc. Broken glass or any sharp materials must be safely packed before being disposed of into the black bins.

Additionally, 20 units of larger and more targeted Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) have been deployed in the Abu Dhabi Emirate. Residents may visit the stations where CRCs are placed to dispose more of their recyclables such as textiles, electronic waste, expired medicines, hazardous household waste, and more.

Nat Bryant, COO of Tadweer, said, "We are pleased to launch this new initiative aimed at increasing waste segregation and promoting sustainable recycling practices throughout Abu Dhabi. With the rollout of larger-capacity green recycling containers, we are aiming to encourage responsible waste disposal and help residents adopt more sustainable habits. Our goal is to make Abu Dhabi and Al Ain two of the cleanest and most sustainable cities in the world, and we believe that this new initiative is a step in the right direction."

Tadweer is driving a city-wide awareness campaign to support the new initiative and inform the residents about the new strategy to guarantee the fulfilment and efficiency of the initiative and promote public participation to enhance recycling.

To promote and align with the UAE’s Year of Sustainability, Tadweer’s new initiative is geared towards encouraging the public to adopt more sustainable habits and build lasting practices that limit the impact on environment to protect and preserve our planet.