ABU DHABI - 2022 was another stellar year for Strata, the advanced manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing firm based in their state-of-the-art facility in Al Ain, throughout which the Mubadala company established itself as a transformative company capable of shaping the future of manufacturing in the UAE.

Reaching the significant milestone of thirty production lines in 2022 was merely the start of a groundbreaking set of industry developments for the Company, whose parent company is Mubadala.

“2022 saw Strata build upon a powerful foundation and take several key steps forward to assure a bright future, not just for the company, but for UAE’s position as a leader in manufacturing," according to the CEO of Strata, Ismail Ali Abdulla.

“Additionally, we are proud to announce that in the year 2022, we have achieved a production milestone of 5,020 shipsets and 74,128 aero-structure parts.”

Last year, the Strata team designed, developed, qualified and deployed automated robotic satellite hole drilling on the Boeing 787 Vertical Fin Programme, and the automated robotic drill and countersink solution on the Airbus A350 IBF - both significant steps forward with two flagship partners. A robotic thermography solution was delivered to the Strata NDI team.

Strata celebrated the completion of the First Article Inspection (FAI) of PC-24 Bullet Fairing and Tail-Cone, shortly followed by their 100th shipset of PC-24 Flap Track Fairings to a growing high-profile international clientele.

The ongoing relationship and flagship contract with Pilatus continued to grow from strength to strength throughout the year, and an additional four work packages for the PC-24 and PC-12 made use of Hot Press Technology for the first time in UAE history.

This coincided with another key brand asset laying the foundation of Strata’s ongoing success: the promotion and investment in UAE nationals. At present, 64 percent of Strata’s workforce is made up of UAE citizens, and in 2022 over 400 nationals graduated from the firm’s pioneering Aerostructure Technicians Training Programme. With impressive progressive foresight, 88 percent of the Emirati workforce at Strata is female, signposting clear brand intentions for the future of the company, the industry, and the nation as a whole. Indeed, women comprise 63 percent of the Emirati team leaders and 62 percent of Emirati team supervisors; a powerful indication of the progressive position Strata takes within aeronautics, manufacturing and beyond.

The disruptions of the past couple of years presented no shortage of challenges, all of which Strata decisively took action to overcome. Central to this was the launch of the firm’s Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, which brought agility and diversification to the heart of the company’s vision for the future. The year saw agreements secured with Hyperganic and EOS to develop industry-defining and world-first energy efficient air-conditioning systems, and an MoU was signed with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (earning Strata a coveted place at the table with the Champions 4.0 Network), alongside a new contract with MBRSC to produce structures for Dubai Sat 4 of MBZ-SAT. Excitingly, a partnership was also established with Bidaya Media in 2022 to produce a new series of the popular “The Adventures of Mansour”, adding yet another string to Strata’s already impressive bow.