ABU DHABI - Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group, and UAE-based Golden Spike and Wheat today announced the signing of a 50-year land lease agreement for the establishment of a bakery and sweets manufacturing facility in KEZAD.

The 26,000 sqm facility in ICAD 3 (KEZAD Musaffah) will have a large production capacity to cater to the requirements of the UAE market.

Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi – KEZAD Group said, “We welcome Golden Spike and Wheat to KEZAD’s growing Food ecosystem. Through KEZAD Group, Abu Dhabi is playing a leading role in the UAE’s drive towards achieving No 1 on the Global Food Security Index. The Golden Spike facility would be well positioned to augment these efforts and play a significant role in the country’s food security efforts.”

Mustafa Al Husseiny, General Manager of Golden Spike and Wheat, said, “The Food & Agtech sectors at KEZAD play a major role in the country’s food security efforts. Abu Dhabi’s F&B sector is witnessing a significant transformation, propelled by strategic initiatives led by KEZAD Group.

With its extensive infrastructure investments and dedication to integrating advanced agricultural technologies (AgTech) that cater to the evolving needs of the industry, KEZAD is crucial in repositioning the UAE, and particularly Abu Dhabi, as a leading Food and AgTech hub of the Middle East.”

The upcoming 3.3 sq km Abu Dhabi Food Hub in KEZAD, as well as a number KEZAD clients in the F&B sector, along with sustainable solutions in the AgTech industry, such as vertical farming and hydroponics, are crucial initiatives in a region with limited arable land and water resources. These efforts support the UAE's food security objectives while ensuring environmental sustainability.