The Egyptian National Postal Organisation and Bahrain’s Beyon Connect have announced the launch of ’Bareedi’, which is designed to deliver cutting edge and sustainable digital solutions in Egypt.

Bareedi is in line with Egypt’s 2030 vision and digital transformation strategy and will provide a highly secure digital electronic registered mail platform.

The launch came at COP27 which took place in Egypt from November 6 to 18. The launch of Bareedi follows on from the signing of an agreement between the two organisations which took place in March 2022 in Bahrain, with the aim of establishing digital post box solutions and services in Egypt in line with their sustainability goals.

Digital postbox

Bareedi, a digital postbox solution provided by Beyon Connect, will be fully hosted in Egypt, and will enable national communication services between the public sector, private businesses and Egyptian residents in one secure, convenient, sustainable, and spam-free digital platform.

Bareedi will help streamline everyday digital communication while complying with international personal data protection, data sovereignty and privacy laws.

The new Bareedi technology was showcased at the Green Zone of COP27 and further discussed during a panel discussion on postal technology and its embedded sustainabilty goals on November 17, presented by representatives of Egypt Post, Beyon Connect, Universal Postal Union and Digital Hub Denmark.

Secure communication platform

Speaking on the occasion, Egypt Post Chairman Dr Sharif Farouk said: “The advanced technologies from Beyon Connect will ensure we can provide a secure communication platform between the public sector, private businesses and Egyptian citizens.”

“Egypt’s 2030 vision is focused on digital transformation and the establishment of digital postal services for digitised registered letters and the proof of delivery will support us in meeting our national role. The new Bareedi platform also supports the Egyptian government’s policy towards sustainability by contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint per capita resulting from removing the need to transport and physically deliver millions of mailed letters and documents,” Dr Farouk added.

Beyon Connect Chairman Shaikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, said: “We are very pleased to see our collaboration with Egypt Post come to fruition with the launch of Bareedi. We now look forward to being part of Egypt’s digital transformation journey, hand in hand with Egypt Post, through the addition of innovative digital post box services that will lead to a more sustainable and secure digital backbone for Egypt.”

Reduce physical mail

Beyon Connect CEO Christian Rasmussen added: “The establishment of digital post solutions is expected to significantly reduce the volume of physical mail in Egypt. Over 3.7 billion domestic letters and documents were handled by Egypt Post in 2021 so the opportunity to replace these with digital mail will lead to a reduction in paper and the resources required to deliver mailed letters, contributing to a decrease in carbon footprint per capita.”

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