Riyadh: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced participation in Expo 2023 Doha for Horticulture to show its efforts in facing environmental challenges.

Expo 2023 Doha for Horticulture focuses on a theme named “Green Desert, Better Environment”, with the goal of inspiring and informing people about creative methods to mitigate and minimize desertification.

The Head Director of Saudi Arabia’s participation, Saleh Bindakhil explained that the Saudi participation in the Expo comes from its efforts and contributions to achieving environmental sustainability through the ambitious of the Vision 2030 initiatives. He also added Saudi Arabia will work to lead the next green era by launching many programs such as the Saudi Green and Middle East Green initiatives. These concepts have a role in achieving a green future for all, food security, and improving the quality of life. Furthermore, Bindakhil said Saudi Arabia seeks to shift to a circular economy model in different aspects for a sustainable environment.

The Saudi Pavilion at Expo Doha 2023 will contain many sections that reflect the diversity and richness of the Kingdom. The projects of the 2030 Vision will be highlighted in the pavilion such as the sustainability projects, programs enhancing food security, and transformation of agriculture by applying modern technology and using hydroponics and horticultural. Moreover, rehabilitating degraded lands, and establishing reserves.

Noteworthy, Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries having been nominated to host the main events of the World Expo 2030 in Riyadh, having the theme “Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow”.