COP28 is a great opportunity to push for positive changes and be part of the global effort, Fahad Abdulrahim Kazim, CEO of Millennium Hotels and Resorts, told Zawya.

“The decisions made at COP28 can impact the rules companies follow, how markets operate, and how countries work together, which are all crucial for businesses trying to be environmentally friendly,” he added.  

The UN climate change summit, which runs until December 12 at the Expo City Dubai, is one of the most important conferences for tackling climate change. It brings leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders together to discuss and make decisions on how to deal with climate issues on a global level. 

“What happens at these meetings impacts laws, how markets work, and what businesses do,” Kazim stated.

The hospitality industry is currently at a crossroads, facing challenges and opportunities in pursuing net-zero targets and adopting sustainability practices. Consumer preferences are increasingly steering the sector towards eco-friendly practices, transforming hotel evaluation criteria.  

Amid this shifting landscape, the hospitality sector grapples with the intricate task of achieving net zero targets while upholding high-quality service and consistent support for guests and employees, stated Kazim.

“This involves the implementation of sustainability measures such as energy conservation, waste reduction, renewable resource utilisation, and active participation in community and environmental conservation efforts. 

“The challenge lies in seamlessly integrating these practices into operations without compromising the excellence of service delivery.”

In response to these challenges, Millennium Hotels and Resorts has undergone significant transformations to align with evolving consumer preferences and the imperative of sustainability. 

The central challenge faced by the sector revolves around the delivery of continuous, high-quality service while minimising environmental impact. 

“Sustainability is no longer merely a desirable quality; it has become a critical factor in guests’ decision-making process.”

Consumer preferences are anticipated to become even more discerning, with transparency playing a pivotal role. 

Travellers will prioritise minimising carbon emissions and contributing to a safer planet, demanding a deeper commitment from the hospitality industry, the CEO said.

As part of its growth strategy, Millennium Hotels & Resorts places a strong emphasis on anticipating guest needs, aligning with research and future trends. 

Raising sustainable finance is a big challenge for companies. How can COP28 create awareness and offer solutions? 

Kazim believed COP28 will help spread awareness and offer solutions for advancing sustainability. 

The conference is crucial for companies to better understand the importance of striking a balance between promoting sustainability through eco-friendly practices and generating income, he added.

“COP28 serves as a catalyst for companies to collaborate with banks, investors, and government groups to address financial challenges. This collaboration aims to generate new ideas and approaches, facilitating the development of eco-friendly projects.”

Through these initiatives, companies can work towards achieving their net-zero goals while benefiting both the business sector and the environment, he added.

Sustainability is a top priority for Millennium Hotels and Resorts, as it aligns its operations with the country’s net-zero target. 

The company has undertaken a transformative sustainability journey, implementing strict measures to contribute to the country’s objectives of creating an eco-friendly environment.

“This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also positions us as a leader in clean energy, aligning with the country’s net-zero commitments,” Kazim stated.

(Editing by Bindu Rai )