Riyadh: According to the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), 25.7 million online services were provided on the Business Insurance platform in the first half of 2023, including 4.3 million proactive services carried out automatically for employers thanks to the integrated system that links the platform with all relevant authorities.

This achievement is the result of GOSI's efforts to provide comprehensive and integrated digital services to employers. The Business Insurance platform provides over 60 fully automated services to manage insurance issues between employers and subscribers. Over 1.7 million establishments around the Kingdom benefit from the platform to manage insurance operations for over 12 million subscribers to social insurance programs.

Employers can communicate online with customer service representatives and complete their transactions via the Virtual Visit service, which allows direct audio and video calls.

The Business Insurance platform is part of a set of digital products and services provided by GOSI to all its customers, including subscribers, retirees and employers.

The platform came about as part of GOSI's strategy to achieve comprehensive digital transformation as a digital social insurance institution that aspires to achieve excellence in customer service.