DUBAI: Driven by the banking giants’ continuous quest for digital excellence and in line with its ambitious transformation strategy, the financial powerhouse announced today the launch of DIB alt, a full-fledged digital umbrella brand to house all of the bank's digital offerings and capabilities under one roof.

DIB ‘alt’ is not another bank, or another mobile banking app, nor is it another product or service; it is a full-service transformative digital banking experience that is set to enhance the banking experience for DIB’s customers by many folds, providing them access to a range of digital services and products with ease.

DIB ‘alt’ is a comprehensive digital banking solution that integrates DIB’s extensive range of digital offerings and capabilities into one platform, providing customers with a seamless and hassle-free banking experience.

The platform brings together more than 135 digital services via the DIB Mobile App, Online Banking, WhatsApp, and ATMs.

This one-stop-shop for all banking needs enables customers to open a bank account in minutes, apply for personal finance or credit cards, remitting money locally or internationally, making payments, and much more.

It has been meticulously designed to simplify banking processes and enhance convenience for customers across various touchpoints. By harnessing the power of advance technology, DIB ‘alt’ ensures an easy-going and efficient banking experience.

Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group Chief Executive Officer of DIB, “To remain digitally intelligent in today's rapidly evolving world where technology is transforming industries and customer expectations are on the rise, a similar revolution is needed in the financial ecosystem to stay relevant. That is where DIB alt comes in - a simplified banking experience consolidating all digital capabilities of DIB under one umbrella brand. So, what does that mean for our customers? Going forward, all channels that are digitally enabled and products and services that are digitally fulfilled will fall within DIB alt.”

“DIB ‘alt’ embodies a transformative leap towards digitalisation, strongly supported by our customer-centric approach whilst aligning with the UAE's vision for an advanced digital landscape. With DIB ‘alt’, we introduce a new era of banking that prioritises the needs of our customers.”