DUBAI - Italy will organise an event titled "Sustainab-ITALY" showcasing its cutting-edge sustainable technologies and innovations at COP28.

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), backed by their embassy and consulate in Dubai, hosts the event from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm on December 6th at their Blue Zone pavilion. Italy will showcase its breakthroughs in renewables, waste management, sustainable construction, and collaboration with small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Italy in its 2023 National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan positions it as a global leader in sustainability. This translates to skyrocketing exports of renewable energy components and solutions to the UAE, solidifying Italian companies as trusted players in renewable infrastructure.

In 2022, Italy ranked 6th in supplying renewable energy components to the UAE, raking in a hefty €134 million. This year, the momentum hasn't slowed, with exports exceeding €90 million in the first half alone – a 51% jump compared to the same period last year. Italy now boasts the fourth-largest share of the UAE's renewable energy component market.

"Italy takes pride in being a pioneer in the global green transition," declares Lorenzo Fanara, Italy's Ambassador to the UAE. "Renewables, waste recycling, and hydrogen solutions are our top focus areas. By 2040, we aim for 40% renewables, leveraging our positions as the world's 4th waste recycler and Europe's leader. Sustainab-ITALY is our platform to showcase Italian excellence, promote cutting-edge tech, and share best practices. Our strong partnership with the UAE, driven by shared goals, exemplifies our commitment to leading the green transition, tackling environmental challenges, and advancing global sustainability."

Lorenzo Galanti, Director-General of ITA, echoes the sentiment, "Italy remains a circular economy leader in Europe, investing over €2 billion in efficient renewables and waste management infrastructure. In 2022, we exported €65.5 billion worth of green technologies, a remarkable 12.7% year-on-year increase. This trend continues in 2023, with environmental goods exports reaching €40.5 billion in the first seven months – a solid 7.6% growth."

The first panel features insights from experts at ANIE, Confindustria Cisambiente, MAPEI, and ANIMA on renewable energy, waste management, sustainable construction, and hydrogen solutions.

The second panel highlights successful collaborations between Italian companies and partners like BEEAH, Magaldi Green Energy, Ecolibri', and SACE.