The governor of Russia's far northern Murmansk region was in hospital on Friday after being stabbed by a man, his spokeswoman said.

Andrey Chibis, 45, was knifed in the stomach on Thursday evening outside a cultural centre in the town of Apatity, where he had been holding a meeting.

"Now he is in post-operative condition. It is too early to make predictions on his recovery and how long it will take," Liliya Sechkina told state TV.

Chibis said in a video posted on Telegram from his hospital bed early on Friday that he had "come around" after surgery and that doctors had saved his life.

The attacker was detained and is expected to undergo forensic and "psychiatric examinations", investigators said.

"During interrogation, the man explained that he had committed the attack because he felt dislike for the governor, although he did not know him personally," they said.

Chibis is a member of the United Russia ruling party and has governed Murmansk region since 2019.

He was sanctioned by the European Union in 2022 over his support for the Kremlin's Ukraine offensive.