The Kremlin gave no indication on Thursday that President Vladimir Putin plans to visit family members of those killed in last Friday's attack on a Moscow concert hall, which killed 143 people.

The Russian leader was seen lighting a candle for the victims at a Moscow church last week but has not visited the scene of the massacre or publicly met with its victims.

"If any contacts are necessary, we will inform you accordingly," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, when asked if Putin planned to meet family members of the dead.

He also said Putin did not plan to visit Crocus City concert hall, the scene of the massacre where rescuers had for the past week been searching the rubble for bodies.

"In these days it would be completely inappropriate to carry out any fact-finding trips, because this would simply interfere with the work," Peskov said.

Islamic State jihadists have said several times since Friday that they were responsible for the attack, but Putin and Russian officials have suggested Ukraine and Western intelligence were somehow involved.

The Kremlin has expressed confidence in the country's powerful security agencies, despite swirling questions over how they failed to thwart the massacre.