Riyadh:- Riyadh will host the first edition of "RiseUp Saudi Arabia" tomorrow (Saturday).

It is expected that RiseUp summit, which will run until November 21 at the King Abdullah Financial District, attract over 10,000 participants, more than 150 startups, 150 investors and 200 speakers from all over the world to share their global experiences as well as the latest developments in many fields serve the startups and help them build foundations on which to base themselves.

The summit is supported by the National Technology Development Program (NTDP) of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, in a strategic partnership with the Saudi Federation For Cybersecurity, Programming and Drones (SAFCSP).

The summit also includes some sectors specialized in entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as the Saudi Venture Investment Company; the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at); the Garage, the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO); the Ministry of Tourism, and the Angel Investors.

Princess Lolowah bint Yazeed, CEO of RiseUp Company in Saudi Arabia explained that the Kingdom witness a historic boom for the startups community, and the Kingdom has been and will remain the largest supporter of this sector, as it represents a prosperous future for the economies of the world, and the impact of startups on the lives of the citizens of the Kingdom, which has become clear and tangible, as the efficiency of the daily life of citizens has been improved by relying on modern technology in managing all tasks, indicating that the continued growth of startups is by finding many sources and resources and abundant investments.

The RiseUp summit invited all startups, speakers and volunteers wishing to participate to visit the following link: https://riseupsaudi.com/home.