Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman's Consulate General in Mumbai has received several reports from citizens about their exposure to exploitation and fraud by some hospitals and physical therapy centers in collusion with translators, which unfortunately led to direct harm to their health and endangered their lives, including deaths in some cases, besides the exaggerated treatment costs.

Accordingly, the Consulate advised those seeking treatment in India to be careful, not to be led by advertisements and campaigns of all kinds, to stay away from intermediaries such as translators, and to be careful in choosing hospitals for treatment.

They should ensure that hospitals provide services on the ground, including comprehensive treatment and a ceiling on the cost.

The Consulate General reiterated the need to review and adhere to the guidelines contained on its website (

Guidelines for medical visits in the Sultante

1. It is mandatory to obtain a medical visa for the patient and his/her companion through the office licensed by the Indian Embassy in Muscat, as it is the legal visa that allows its holder to receive treatment in India.

2. The medical visa can be extended by the Department of Immigration of India provided that there are reasons for continuing treatment from the approved hospitals.

3. The Indian tourist visa is not extendable under any circumstances and it is necessary to leave before the expiry of its validity period to avoid travel bans and financial penalties.

4. It is preferable to communicate directly with accredited hospitals and specialized doctors through their websites or visit them directly without an intermediary. Hospitals and doctors must also be assured not to include any intermediary in their records and send recent medical reports of the patient in English directly to the hospital for review.

5. Make sure to obtain an official letter and an invitation from the hospital stating its consent to receive the patient, an initial determination of the treatment plan, expected duration, and estimated costs, and to include that invitation for the procedures for obtaining a medical visa.

6. Beware of dealing with intermediaries such as medical coordination offices that are not licensed by the Ministry of Health, taxi owners, translators, medical treatment brokers, and others, to avoid those parties getting a financial commission ranging from 30 to 40 percent of the amount treatment bill.

7. Beware of people who promote hospitals, clinics, and medical clinics through social media and internet sites.

8. Do not transfer money to intermediaries and unknown persons.

9. Ensure that the prescription is carried upon departure and check the expiration date of the medicines.

10. In case of emergency or death, only the escort must communicate directly with the Consulate to take the necessary procedures.

The Consulate General in Mumbai wishes for safety and recovery for all, stressing the importance and need to adhere to the above-mentioned guidelines, and constant communication and cooperation with it to ensure better and more effective services to citizens.

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