"Concrete safeguards" for government use of artificial intelligence were announced by the White House Thursday, as it vowed they would serve as a model for "global action."

"When government agencies use AI tools, we will now require them to verify that those tools do not endanger the rights and safety of the American people," Vice President Kamala Harris said as she briefed reporters on the new rules laid out by the Office of Management and Budget.

She gave the example of a Veterans Administration hospital that uses AI for medical diagnostics, saying it would need to first demonstrate results are not biased because training data focused on one race and gender.

Federal agencies will also be required to publish lists of AI systems they use along with how risks are being managed, Harris said.

All federal agencies have also been directed to designate a "chief AI officer" with the expertise to ensure the technology is being used responsibly, according to the Vice President.

"President (Joe) Biden and I intend that these domestic policies will serve as a model for global action," Harris said.