The United States has emerged as the preferred destination for individuals seeking immigration aiming to gain a second passport due to economic, education, business, and travel reasons, a new report has revealed in a comprehensively analysed global migration movements between 2020 and 2023.

Canada and the UK have come up as the second and third choice respectively, according to ‘The Annual Global Immigration Trends 2023’ by Ace Luxury Immigration Solution, a leading immigration and citizenship by investment firm.

The report revealed the most favourite destinations, the origin of migrants, and where the rich migrate.

Top Choices

The survey highlighted that the US continues to be the top choice for prospective immigrants whether it is for business or family reasons, alongside other sought-after destinations such as the UAE, the UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Russia, and South Africa.

The US, renowned for its economic opportunities, cultural diversity, educational excellence, high standards of living, innovative environment, and diverse pathways to citizenship, attracts individuals seeking better future prospects.

Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions invited over 25,000 respondents worldwide from a diverse range of individuals including existing and old customers in the Middle East, South Asia and Canada, as well as industry stakeholders to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of the global migration.

What Nationalities Migrate the Most?

The survey found key migration origins, with India, Mexico, Russia, China, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Ukraine identified as significant contributors to the migration landscape.

Shahrukh Zohaib, CEO and Founding Partner of Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions commented on the growing trend among startups to establish a presence in the world's strongest economies, including the UAE, US, UK, and Canada.

He highlighted the key drivers such as high ROI, expansion, diversification, and an alternative lifestyle, while acknowledging the challenges newcomers face in understanding local laws, regulations, business setup processes, tax regimes, and working cultures.

Zohaib said: "One of the most intriguing trends in recent years has been the surge in business migration from the Middle East to Europe and North America and vice versa. These regions, while geographically distant, have become magnets for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals seeking new opportunities, stability, and growth."

Where Do the Rich Migrate?

The survey also revealed High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) favouring the US, along with Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Greece, the UAE, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore as top countries for their second homes as well as investing.

Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions emphasises the opportunities presented by the UAE, the UK, and Canada, representing the Middle East, Europe, and North America, respectively.

The UAE, particularly Dubai, stands out as a global business hub, offering a strategic location, world-class infrastructure, a tax-free environment, and facilitative long-term residency visas and citizenship programmes.

The UK, known for innovation, research, and development, attracts talent worldwide with its entrepreneurial culture, world-class universities, and rich history. The Entrepreneur Visa and Investor Visa schemes further open doors for business migration, especially in sectors like finance, healthcare, education, and technology.

Canada, consistently ranking high for business migration, welcomes newcomers through the Start-up Visa Program, offering a fast track to permanent residency for entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Its diverse workforce, welcoming immigration policies, and quality of life contribute to its appeal as a destination for families seeking a better future.

"The massive potential of business migration between the UAE, UK, and Canada is a reflection of the globalised nature of today's economy. The mammoth opportunity opens unique advantages for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals seeking migration in North America, Europe, and the Middle East regions,” Zohaib said.

“By fostering collaboration and capitalizing on their respective strengths, these nations can continue to attract and retain talent, driving economic growth and innovation on a global scale,” he concluded.

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