Malta Invest and Frank Salt are excited to announce that they will be hosting free presentations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban during April 2024.

As the global investment landscape continues to evolve, Malta has emerged as a premier destination for South Africans seeking lucrative investment opportunities. With its stable economy, favourable tax laws and high quality of life, Malta offers a compelling proposition for those looking to diversify their portfolios or secure a residency or retirement option whilst enjoying the benefit of both EU membership as well as being in the heart of the sunny Mediterranean.

South Africans are increasingly turning to Malta for its attractive property market, which presents a range of investment options from residential properties to commercial real estate. The island nation’s strategic location, coupled with its robust legal framework and business-friendly environment, make it an ideal choice for investors looking to expand their international holdings.

Moreover, Malta’s residency and citizenship programmes provide South Africans with a viable “plan B” option, offering a secure and stable environment for individuals and families looking to safeguard their future. The ease of doing business in Malta, combined with its Mediterranean charm and rich cultural heritage, further solidifies its appeal as a top destination for investment and relocation.

Malta, as an EU Member state and part of the Schengen area, offers top-notch healthcare and education systems. With English as an official language and driving on the same side of the road, South Africans find it easy to adapt. Malta’s economy is robust and stable, showing 6.1% GDP growth in 2023. Additionally, the country is known for being a safe and secure place to live.

To learn more about the investment opportunities in Malta and how South Africans can benefit from them, interested parties are invited to attend the one-on-one meetings hosted by Malta Invest and Frank Salt. The meeting will cover a range of topics, including real estate, residency and citizenship options and more, providing attendees with valuable insights.

Frank Salt Real Estate has been operating in Malta since 1969. They offer a one-stop shop assisting with purchasing, renting out and managing you property for you. Malta Invest has been operating since 2015 and has assisted many South Africans with property investment and relocation to Malta.

Dates: Johannesburg, 11 and 12 April; Cape Town, 15 and 16 April; and Durban 17 and 18 April 2024.

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