KINSHASA - The death toll after heavy flooding in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa this week has risen to 169, the United Nations' humanitarian office (OCHA) said on Friday, citing authorities.

Heavy downpour caused floods and landslides from Monday night through early Tuesday, leveling at least 280 houses in Kinshasa's Mont-Ngafula district and a large stretch of Congo's main national highway, according to U.N. estimates.

A joint team from OCHA and Congo's social affairs ministry visited the worst-hit neighborhoods on Thursday to assess the damage. The team estimated that around 38,000 people had been impacted by the floods, OCHA said in a statement Friday.

"Today marks the end of three day of national mourning in memory of those deceased," the statement said. "The Government has confirmed that it will organize a dignified and secure burial of those who have lost their lives."

Once a fishing village on the banks of the Congo river, Kinshasa has grown into one of Africa's largest megacities with a population of around 15 million.

Poorly regulated rapid urbanization has made the city increasingly vulnerable to flash floods after intense rains, which have become more frequent due to climate change.

(Reporting by Paul Lorgerie; Writing by Cooper Inveen; Editing by Aurora Ellis)