The recent Qatar launch of four Hong Kong and China-based international companies under the Belt and Road Group is seen to attract more Chinese investments into the country, according to a top official.

Pegasus Wong, chairman of the Belt and Road Group, said Qatar is an ideal gateway to the region due to the proximity to its Gulf neighbours and other countries beyond the region.

“After the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we saw that Qatar is an excellent hub and it is near Saudi Arabia, thus we realised that it is ideal to start our businesses here now,” Wong told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the international launch of the Belt and Road Trading and Contracting, Gallery Five International, Fangda Partners, and SW International.

Wong also said: “The timing is right. We have come to Qatar to support the country’s enterprises, projects, and government initiatives, as well as to serve as a link between Asia, Hong Kong, China, and Qatar.

“Owing to Qatar’s advanced infrastructure, upcoming events, and the business opportunities it would offer both here and in other GCC countries, we believe Qatar is a strategic location for our future development.”

Wong emphasised that the Middle East is “a very important region” for China, which intends to promote its Belt and Road Initiative and collaborate not only in infrastructure-related projects but also in the areas of new energy, high technology, artificial intelligence (AI), electric vehicles (EV) and EV chargers, among others.

“China has already developed many advanced technologies and we would like to share this with all countries and the Middle East is one of our major partners. We share a strong relationship with countries in this region, so we expect to forge many collaborations going forward,” Wong explained.

He noted that the group has already forged partnerships with LuLu Group and Qatar Post. Still, future collaboration is expected in the fields of airport and port development, and business opportunities with middle-sized companies.

In a speech, Wong further explained: “We are committed to excellence across various industries, including investment, infrastructure, trading and contracting, engineering design, new energy, high technology, education, e-commerce, culture, professional services, and more.

“With 12 subsidiary companies taking pride in our diverse portfolio and international reach, our primary mission is to foster cooperation between enterprises in China, Hong Kong, and Qatar, aligning seamlessly with the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Wong added: “We also play an important role in supporting the Qatar government’s economic and local enterprises, facilitating connections and business opportunities between China and Hong Kong. Today, as we come together, let us celebrate the spirit of partnership, innovation and mutual growth. We intend to serve as a bridge connecting nations and industries.”

The event’s guest speaker, Qaiser Nawab, president of the Belt and Road Initiative for Sustainable Development (BRISD), stated: “Since its inception in 2013, we have achieved great success, embodying principles like coexistence, mutual benefit, and sustainability. These principles deeply resonate with Pakistan, creating and connecting beyond borders.

“China’s remarkable strides in economic growth and poverty alleviation serve as a beacon in illuminating paths for nations facing similar challenges. The six pivotal roots of the BRI hold the key to uplifting communications along the path, impacting global dignity, happiness, and sustainability.”

Nawab added: “Qatar’s geo-economic significance offers potential for global business expansion. Through partnerships, we envision playing a significant role in fostering global economic prosperity, creating employment opportunities and elevating poverty.
Collaborations across high technology, artificial technology, AI, sustainability, and cultural arts signify a commitment to innovation and global progress.”

During the event, Wong and Nawab signed a co-operative agreement between BRISD and the Belt and Road Trading and Contracting for initiatives in the areas of emerging technologies, IT, climate change and environment technologies, and renewable energy, among others.

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