Dubai, UAE: Union Coop, a leading cooperative in the retail sector of Dubai, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi as its Chief Executive Officer. In this pivotal role, Mr. Al Hashemi will steer the cooperative's strategic vision, overseeing the expansion of its business scope and reinforcing its strategic presence within the local and national retail markets.

Upon assuming his responsibilities, Mr. Al Hashemi prioritized communication with stakeholders, conducting remote meetings to reaffirm Union Coop's standing as a key player in the country's cooperative landscape. With a focus on development and growth, he is set to collaborate with various divisions, departments, and the experienced team to lead the cooperative into new avenues of success, marking a significant milestone in its business journey.

During his inaugural address, Mr. Al Hashemi expressed his commitment to an open-door policy, welcoming feedback and suggestions to enhance retail operations and maintain Union Coop's position as a frontrunner among consumer cooperatives in the country. He outlined a comprehensive vision for the cooperative, emphasizing the implementation of initiatives and plans that involve continuous diversification, digital advancements, and alignment with local and global developments in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration, Mr. Al Hashemi stressed the need for strengthened partnerships among entities and stakeholders associated with Union Coop. This collaborative approach aims to provide high-quality services to the cooperative's diverse consumer base, contributing to the overall satisfaction of stakeholders and consumers alike.

In line with his strategic vision, Mr. Al Hashemi is keen on investing in the development of employee skills, fostering innovation, and embracing digital technologies. These initiatives are designed to give Union Coop a competitive advantage, attracting premier products and pioneering projects in the vibrant city of Dubai.

With an impressive 19-year track record in the retail trade, Mr. Al Hashemi was recognized in 2021 for his outstanding achievements and role in the business sector, earning a coveted spot in the Young Global Leader Forum. His wealth of experience includes successful management of operational processes, contributing to an innovative work environment, and formulating development policies to enhance overall operations.

Union Coop looks forward to a new era of growth under the leadership of Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi, as it continues to uphold its commitment to delivering quality products and services to its valued consumers.