The new platform creates an online community that is socially responsible, safe for families and respects religious values

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, January 25, 2015

The beta version of the new social media platform, Muslim Face, is currently being tested by over a thousand users around the world. With a successful completion of the beta testing, Muslim Face will be launched during the second quarter of 2015.

Muslim Face was co-founded by two Muslim entrepreneurs Shoaib Fadie and Rohail Amin M. Shoaib. It was developed to be a social media site that, according to the founders, is socially responsible, safe for families and respectful of Islamic religious values.

"This social platform is an international project. It is designed from a Muslim point of view, but also opens up new opportunities with the rest of the world. It is basically a network by Muslims, through Muslims, presented to the world," explained Fadie.

He also stressed that the new social media platform will be launched in several languages including English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, the Malaysian language Bahasa, Turkish, and Indonesian.  Additional languages will be added to the platform as the translation becomes available.

"In the modern age, you can't avoid using the internet," Fadie noted. "A huge number of Muslims now use different social media platforms and it has become imperative for Muslims to establish a social platform that connects internet users, including their families, around value-based content, products and services that also respect Islamic principles."

Muslim Face, added Fadie, is teen-friendly and allows youngsters of 13 years to use the platform because of its highly safe and socially-responsible content and filters. This emphasis on family values minimizes parental concern over children using the social media outlet.

"Our platform is designed to be a universal Islamic alternative to popular social networks but it is also open for non-Muslims who want to subscribe to platforms that are socially responsible and safe for children," said Fadie.

Co-founder Rohail Amin M. Shoaib explained that Muslim Face offers different benefits for different users. It will provide incredible networking opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, customers and partners. It has the potential to open a gateway to market Islamic goods and services worth a substantial US $6.7 trillion.

Muslim Face also serves as an online "majlis" or council for the social community where ideas are exchanged on developing the community and values are shared between younger and older generations. Enabling a new generation of Muslims to grow into inspirational leaders.

"Many Muslim users voiced concern over anti-Islamic content and blasphemy posts in some other social media platforms but they didn't quit because all their friends are members there. Muslim Face is now their alternative and once they become members, their friends will be encouraged to become members as well," stressed Amin.

"Before joining other social media platforms, Muslim users never knew they would be exposed to non-sharia compliant content like sexually explicit images, blasphemy, anti-Muslim stereotypes and alcohol-related material.  As a family-friendly platform, Muslim Face guarantees exciting content that does not conflict with Islamic values. It combines modern technology with the values of our religion," he added. is registered as a company in the UK under the name Muslim Face Limited, and is in the process opening offices in the Middle East, GCC countries and Asia.


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