• Aiming to facilitate mobility options of residents and enhance the integration of the public transport network
  • Unifying city and suburban services into the "Satndard Service"
  • The Fare for the "Standard Service" includes a boarding Fee of 2 dirhams, with an additional 5 fils for every kilometer crossed
  • Expanding the coverage area for public transport passes, (30-day pass and 7-day pass)
  • No additional boarding fares will be applied when switching between different public bus services

Abu Dhabi: - The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi has announced the integration of city and suburban transport services into the "Standard Service," which will be launched on Wednesday, 28th February 2024. This move aims to include wider geographic areas with a simplified and user-friendly fare system to enhance the overall public transport experience in Abu Dhabi. The "Standard Service" fare will be set at 2 dirhams (Boarding Fee) plus an additional 5 fils for every kilometer crossed. This reflects the ITC’s relentless efforts in encouraging the use of public transport services, striving to realize the increased demand on public transport services, and reinforcing integration between its journeys to provide efficient services across the emirate, which would positively influence environmental sustainability and enhance the quality of life in the Emirate.

Expanding the Geographic Range of Public Transport Passes

The Integrated Transport Centre has expanded the geographical range of public transport passes so that the "Standard Service" to include city and suburb areas in  Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra(excluding intercity services). Public Transport Passes now at the following prices, and is effective as of the date of purchase:

  • 7-day pass is worth AED 35
  • 30-day pass is worth AED 95
  • Updated pasess will be sold as of February 28th, 2024.
  • Passes operating under the previous system will stop being sold as of February 27th, 2024.

All Passes issued before this 28th of Feb will remain valid until their expiration, it will be active within the city only over in Abu Dhabi, Al ain Ain and  Al Dhafra, it and does not cover the suburbs areas ( “Standard Service” are not inclusive.

Free transfer when Switching between Public Transport Services

The ITC explained that users of public transport buses can switch between services without paying an additional 2 dirhams (boarding fee).


  • Tap- in to the other service within 60 minutes of the last Tap-out.
  • Not to transfer in the opposite direction of the journey.
  • Maximum 2 transfers using 3 buses.      
  • Transfer conditions apply between Abu Dhabi Link service and public transportation bus Standard Services.

Calculating the Cost of a Single journey when Switching Buses

Fare is calculated based on distance traveled between point of boarding and alighting, it is mandatory to tap Hafilat card on the reader when boarding and alighting from each bus.

This ensures that the journey is regarded as a single trip, failure to tap the “Hafilat” smart card when boarding and alighting using all public transport services may result in penalties of public transport, as well as deducting the cost of the entire bus route when using the card again in the event of missing to tap-out of the bus when transfer between services or using the bus again, as it is assumed that the passenger continued riding the bus until the end of the route (the maximum possible distance).  Therefore, remember to tap you card on the reader when boarding and alighting from each bus.

Subsidized Prices for Citizen Families of Limited Income

Citizen families of limited income enrolled in social support programs administered by the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority, or the Ministry of Community Development are entitled to subsidized public transport passes. Accordingly, the 7-day pass is offered at a rate of AED (30), while the 30-day pass is at AED (80) (passers are activated upon purchase). The initiative demonstrates the vision of UAE's leadership to become a model nation in community empowerment and fostering family stability, which aligns with the social welfare framework and quality of life.

Annual Passes for Personalized Hafilat Card Holders

No changes will be made to the following categories: free annual passes for seniors and people of determination+ 1 companion, along with the annual passes for students worth AED (500). These passes will cover the "standard Service" in all areas across the Emirate (excluding intercity services). Transport remains free for those age of 10 years and below.

It is worth mentioning that the number of passenger journeys on public buses in 2023 exceeded 83 million passenger trips. By the end of the last year, the total fleet of public buses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi reached 825 buses, all equipped with modern and advanced specifications, operating with improved fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. Public buses are witnessing increasing popularity among the public due to the quality of services, route integration, and the diversification of travel options, allowing users to reach their destinations with convenience, speed, comfort, and safety.