Sharjah: Sharjah Committee for National Day Celebrations emphasized the public dimension of the activities in Al Dhaid and its importance for Union Day. The activities started from Ammar bin Yasir Mosque, and continued to the Al Dhaid Fort, with the participation of Government entities, schools, and residents of Al Dhaid and the region.

The activities program began at 8:00 am on Wednesday, 29 November, with a national march that saw the participation of all generations of the nation’s men, women, and children. The activities continue from 30 November to 3 December, until 3:30 pm.

The activities also saw the participation of productive families who presented traditional foods and popular products, in addition to a wide range of heritage and cultural offerings. Along with performances presented by traditional bands, poetry sessions, workshops for children, and an exhibition about the natural beaty of desert landscapes presented by Sharjah Safari.