Dubai, UAE: The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has launched free intensive training courses for leisure and fishing boats. This is a part of the Ministry’s ‘Sail Safely’ initiative, which aims to enhance maritime safety and security, protect people’s lives, and the marine environment. The training courses target leisure marine enthusiasts in preparation for the upcoming summer watersport activities. Participants in the training courses can apply for a license to sail a leisure boat, after fulfilling the fitness and medical examinations.

The Ministry has announced the dates of these courses, and has confirmed that the training will be carried out virtually on its digital and social media platforms on a regular basis. These courses will be offered in both, Arabic and English, in order to cater to a larger number of users.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure’s initiatives in preparing and educating the maritime community have resulted in a remarkable reduction in maritime accidents. The free courses are amongst the Ministry’s various initiatives aimed at qualifying sea lovers to sail leisure boats and enjoy maritime activities safely. This is achieved by empowering them with basic knowledge and skills to practice their maritime hobbies.

Sheikh Nasser Al-Qasimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Infrastructure and Transport at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure said, “The leisure marine sector in the UAE is gaining a lot of popularity thanks to the UAE’s world-class facilities and modern infrastructure. This has made the UAE a global hub for boats and yachts, and a leading destination for leisure marine activities globally. Additionally, the luxury yachts and leisure boats sector is witnessing significant growth in the UAE, which is home to over 310 marinas for boats, yachts, and ships, with around 20,000 registered yachts and leisure boats. Furthermore, the UAE hosts a few of the most important marine sports events. In cooperation with our partners, we aim to encourage the adoption of advanced technologies and modern sailing equipment in all boats and ships operating in the UAE. These technologies enable boat captains and ship owners to sail more safely.”

Al-Qasimi added, “Through these free courses dedicated to leisure and fishing boat captains, we seek to enhance the safety of leisure marine enthusiasts and enhance their skills to ensure that their boats are not damaged. The courses also educate participants about the legal aspects associated with sailing, and guidelines to protect the marine environment. The courses also assist participants in obtaining a boat license to popularise boating and watersport activities.”

Al Qasimi clarified, "The Ministry’s constant efforts to raise awareness amongst the UAE’s maritime community and provide the necessary trainings have resulted in reducing maritime accidents. These efforts, in addition to encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies and modern sailing equipment on boats, will further reduce accidents that are endangering people’s lives, property, and the marine environment. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure is also committed to enhancing maritime safety through legislations that regulate the UAE’s maritime sector.”

These courses are a part of a series of initiatives that aim to consolidate sustainability and social responsibility in the maritime industry. The first of these initiatives was the ‘Supporting our Blue Army’ initiative, which aims to protect the rights of seafarers. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure continues to focus on fishing and leisure boat captains to ensure they have the necessary knowledge needed for their safety, and to protect their boats from accidents.