Dubai, UAE: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the UAE Falcons Federation to strengthen collaboration in promoting awareness of Emirati heritage among the public. Both entities will work together to organise a series of initiatives and activities focused on preserving Emirati heritage and culture. This partnership reflects the shared commitment of both parties to instil a deeper sense of national identity in society and contribute to the preservation and promotion of heritage sports.

The partnership between Dubai Culture and the UAE Falcons Federation reflects the principles of Dubai's government in facilitating communication between local entities and institutions, exchanging best practices and experiences to achieve common goals that support the ambitious vision of the emirate. The MoU defines the roles of both parties, allowing the UAE Falcons Federation to use facilities at Dubai Culture’s museums to organise a range of events, workshops, and activities aimed at introducing visitors and local community members to the heritage sports and falconry competitions.

Mansoor Lootah, CEO of the Operations Support Sector at Dubai Culture/Acting Director General of Dubai Culture, affirmed the importance of partnerships formed with heritage entities in the country, strengthening the role of the authority in motivating the public to explore the elements of Emirati heritage and culture in all its beauty and authenticity. He confirmed that Dubai has become an inspiring model in preserving and maintaining heritage and highlighting the features of the Emirati identity, saying: “Heritage sports are an integral part of our culture and our history; they are customs that have been passed on through several generations and still maintain an important role in the Emirati society. Dubai Culture is keen to introduce them by highlighting their artistic aspects, history, and presence in the local scene, contributing to raising awareness of the importance of heritage sports that we cherish. Our partnership with the UAE Falcons Federation falls within the framework of our joint efforts to preserve heritage for future generations, expand the presence of Emirati culture globally, and shed light on local intangible heritage.”

His Excellency Rashid bin Markhan, Secretary General of the UAE Falcons Federation, emphasised the Federation's commitment, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to encourage communication and collaboration with various heritage-related entities, saying: “Falconry, as a traditional and heritage sport, is closely tied to our culture, history, and national identity. This MoU represents an opportunity to continue introducing this sport, its details, and practices, especially in light of the increasing interest of the younger generation in various technological advancements. This amplifies our responsibility to create innovative solutions and initiatives to instil the importance of heritage sports and their noble values in the hearts of future generations. It also aligns with our joint strategic goals to promote the culture of falconry and familiarise people with its principles. The collaboration leverages the high-quality resources and facilities that Dubai Culture possesses, contributing to the enhancement and development of this sport. I am grateful to Dubai Culture for its efforts and commitment to falconry and its pioneering initiatives in the cultural and heritage sectors.”