The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association, intending to enhance cooperation and exchanging experiences, studies, best practices, and innovative ideas that support the development of institutional work in a way that serves the goals of both parties and contributes effectively to the UAE’s vision aimed at achieving sustainability and community development in various fields, in addition to strengthening cooperation to organize joint events and activities

The memorandum of understanding was signed by H.E. Salem Al-Suwaidi, Director-General of ACCI, and H. E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Mualla, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association, at the Ajman Chamber headquarters, in the presence of representatives and officials from both entities.

The Ajman Chamber is considered the first local partner in the Emirate of Ajman for the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association, in a step that embodies the Ajman Chamber's efforts to elevate institutional work and build a sustainable and innovative system to ensure the achievement of its strategic objectives, in line with the goals of Ajman and the UAE.

MoU stipulated strengthening cooperation and contributing to achieving the UAE’s vision and strategic goals and implementing a joint annual training plan that includes a group of specialized courses, workshops, and awareness lectures in the areas of developing institutional work, strategic planning, and future foresight in support of improving services and achieving the highest level of excellence and leadership, as well as exchanging expertise, experiences, studies, best practices, creative and innovative ideas, and field visits in the field of work of both parties to contribute to continuous development and improvement processes, exchanging media support, promoting and marketing joint activities and publishing press materials that explain the goals and projects of the Ajman Chamber in the “Emirates Tomorrow” magazine issued by the Association. The MoU also aimed to unify efforts and work together to support and achieve the “We Are the Emirates” vision 2031 and its centenary 2071.

H. E. Salem Al Suwaidi emphasized that the MoU comes within the efforts of the Ajman Chamber to establish a sustainable collaborative approach with all parties to ensure the development of flexible future policies and strategies that enhance the Ajman Chamber's contribution to creating an integrated and stimulating economic environment to increase the production rates of private sector establishments.

Praising the pioneering role of the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association in spreading and enhancing the culture of strategic planning, as well as preparing and equipping cadres with a proactive mindset, in addition to providing effective strategic tools and training to enable the association's partners to strengthen the culture of strategic planning and proactive thinking.

Al Suwaidi added that the MoU reflects the Ajman Chamber's keenness to achieve the "Ajman Vision 2030" and its strategic principles in general, foremost of which is the principle of "Cooperation" and building bridges of partnerships and cooperation with leading national entities, in addition to contributing to the realization of the principle of "Future Readiness" through preparing creative and innovative national cadres who can foresee the future and are capable of transforming challenges into opportunities and enablers.

H. E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Mualla, Vice Chairman of the Association’s Board of Directors, said: "We are very proud of today’s partnership with the Ajman Chamber to achieve a major goal of serving and developing the Emirati community, making the Association’s pioneering experience in the field of strategic planning and anticipating the future available to the Ajman Chamber, and relying on the Association to be an external evaluator of the Ajman chamber’s institutional performance indicators and as a consulting body to evaluate the future foresight and strategic planning system and qualify its cadres through the courses that will be organized in this regard, and prepare an annual program for various events, including training courses, workshops and lectures, as well as forums, conferences and other activities.

Al Mualla, added: "Our joint efforts reflect our commitment to enhancing the strategic planning system, improving institutional performance according to the best global practices in the field of strategic planning, and promoting the implementation of the planning system to achieve the vision and directions of the government

On the sidelines of signing the MoU, Sheikha Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association presented an introductory presentation on the roles, objectives, and services provided by the Association, the Ajman Chamber also recommended the necessity of intensifying future cooperation to develop guidance mechanisms and policies for the private sector on opportunities to apply strategic planning in private sector establishments.

The signing of the agreement was attended by Ali Al Kaitoub, Director of the Studies and Investment Development Sector, Iman Al Shamsi, Acting Executive Director of the Support Services Sector, and Maryam Al Hashemi, Director of the Strategy and Future

Associations of Public Interests

It is worth noting that the Emirates Strategic Planning and Foresight Future Association is headed by Major General Dr. Abdul Quddus Al Obaidli, It was established pursuant to Ministerial Resolution No. 600 of 2010, as a public benefit association with the aim of raising the level of disseminating and enhancing the culture of strategic planning and deepening awareness and foresight thinking within the UAE society, as well as providing administrative consultations in this field, strengthening a community partnership between all sectors and institutions of Emirati society, governmental, private, civil and international institutions, providing effective strategic tools to deal with all challenges, variables and risks, and supporting the national agenda and strategic plans of the UAE.