The Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) revealed that the volume of exports of Ajman during the 1H of this year increased by 6.19%, as the volume of Ajman’s exports reached AED 4.57 billion during the 1H of 2023, compared to about AED 4.3 billion during the 1H of 2022, and ship and boat products are at the forefront, at the top of the exported products are products of mineral oils, fish, and steel products. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also leads as the most destinations for Ajman’s exports, followed by Italy, Kuwait and Turkey.

The growth in the volume of Ajman’s exports reflects its efforts to follow the wise leadership to provide a sustainable economic environment that contributes to the development of the business of private sector establishments, and the extent to which all government agencies concerned with economic affairs in Ajman are keen to diversify proactive tools and supportive services to enhance the growth of the volume of exports of local products in support of Ajman’s goals and vision.

Ajman has an advanced logistical infrastructure that directly contributes to improving shipping and transportation operations and making them more efficient, in addition to the continuous developments witnessed by the industrial areas. This had a positive impact on the growth in the volume of direct investments, especially investments directed to the industrial sector.

The Ajman Chamber adopts a dynamic agenda to increase the volume of exports of the Emirate of Ajman and open new markets for local products by diversifying participation in foreign exhibitions with its member companies and factories, and strengthening international partnerships to promote local products and facilitate access to foreign markets.

The Ajman Chamber also seeks to achieve its strategic objectives that are in line with the objectives of the Emirate of Ajman, by improving the activities of its members in the private sector establishments and developing and growing their businesses in a way that supports the Ajman Chamber’s pioneering role in supporting a diversified future economy, and developing a renewed global economic relations network that supports opportunities for expansion and business development and promoting Ajman as an ideal investment destination.