Mozambique, Maputo - 8th edition of the biennial event on Mining, Oil, Gas and Energy of Mozambique, will now take place from 2-3 June 2022 June at the Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre under the theme " Sustainable Development Across the Entire Mineral and Energy Value Chain, towards a Low Carbon Future.

His Excellency Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, President of the Republic of Mozambique confirmed his presence in the opening ceremony, where he will meet with key national and international industry players to discuss the future of the Industry in Mozambique.

Given the latest global geopolitical developments, there will be major interest to fast track the development of crucial mega projects in Mozambique at a key stage for various projects that are due for scaling up, with investment and project opportunities anticipated to increase rapidly.   Following the actual tendencies this year’s edition will continue to present strategic government initiatives in delivering infrastructure, sustainable policy options, sector reforms, and security to the region over the next decade & renewables in the electrification of Mozambique tackling net-zero, storage, power grid planning, transmission, and the future of HYDROGEN.

The theme of MMEC is " Sustainable Development Across the Entire Mineral and Energy Value Chain, towards a Low Carbon Future.

The following are some of the sub-themes to be discussed:

  1. Building the Future – Mozambique
  2. Energy & Mining Post Pandemic: Covid 19 Supply Chain
  3. Future Developments, Goals, Challenges: LNG Projects and Infrastructure
  4. Mining – Zero Carbon Mines, Investment in potential new projects, Decarbonisation in Mining
  5. Future Talks: Renewables in the Electrification of Mozambique
  6. Delivering the Regional Energy Transition
  7. Hydrogen: Mozambique - Becoming a Hydrogen Hub

Keynote speakers at the conference will include the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique, President of the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Board of Directors ENH, other, Chairman INP, Chairman EDM, CEO Matola Gas and other high-level dignitaries and delegates as well as resource persons from reputable regional and international institutions within and outside the energy, mining,  oil and gas industries.

Endorsed by ENH - Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos E.P, MMEC 2022 Conference & Exhibition will also have the participation of Ministers, Senior Directors of governmental companies, strategic development partners, operators from the oil & gas, mining, and energy sectors.

MMEC is a biennial international comprehensive event covering the entire extractive industry with key objectives of promoting investments in these sectors; sharing knowledge and experiences; advancing partnerships; hear from key policy makers from regional and international partner organisations.

This is the largest and most successful industry focused exhibition in Mozambique, as the event attracts visitors with budget and decision-making power to engage with technology and solution providers. MMEC 2022 counts with the support of Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, ENH, CTA, EDM, INP, CCM, AGMM, MozParks, Matola Gas Company, Gigawatt Moçambique, sa., FNB, EY.


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AME Trade has been supporting the efforts of the government to use the country’s natural resources for promoting economic development. It does this through the bi-annual Mozambique Mining, Oil and Gas and Energy Conference and Exhibition (MMEC). The past editions of MMEC have been focusing on key developments, policies and projects in Mozambique’s extractive industries; becoming an important platform for networking by all stakeholders and showcasing the huge opportunities in these critical sectors of the economy. The main theme for 7th edition in 2021 is “Utilizing Natural Resources as the Catalyst for Economic Development and Diversification”.  This is aimed at presenting Mozambique as a business-friendly country where policy reforms are being implemented to encourage the flow of domestic and foreign direct investment into the extractives industry. For more information please visit: