United Arab Emirates, Dubai: It’s the Metaverse season for the UAE and for the global digital community. March 7 to 10, 2022, advocates of decentralized economy and Metaverse enablers came together to define the biggest trends and challenges for the aspiring industry of Web 3.0. Over the course of 2 days of the MetaWeek Summit (March 8-9) experts managed to bring to everyone’s attention aspects of communities governance standards and DAOs, NFT applications for entertainment, music, art and retail, investment into GameFi and sophisticated play-to-earn games, real estate in Metaverse and DeFi as a backbone for the new virtual reality realm.

Juwan Lee, Founder and Chairman of NexChange Group, host of MetaWeek: “What we’re seeing now is an immense interest for the Metaverse tools and their applications in many communities: artists, gaming developers, investors, musicians, blockchain enthusiasts, enterprises, etc. MetaWeek proved that these technologies are gaining momentum in terms of leveraging, scaling, adopting and of course developing further. We’ve built a strong community with international scale and I’m sure that Metaverse & blockchain alignment will continue to grow stronger for building digitally enabled future and creator economy.”

One of the pillars on which Metaverses stand is gaming. Communities formed in DAOs and guilds around games currently take the whole industry on another level, enabling GameFi and AR/VR tech and bringing in immersive experiences for users around the world. Earn.games, a major Metaverse GameFi platform, attracted communities’ attention with its ecosystem featuring Defi and GameFi.

Vlatko Gigov, CEO of Earn.games: With the hype in innovative industries, it's important that we recognize and support the builders and community for their tireless engagement in these new constructs. No matter what your role has been, whether you are a freelancer, a corporate employee, a gamer, or an investor, now is your chance to find your micro-community and build things meritocratically under the governance principles of DAOs. DYOR. GameFi combined with the development of immersive experiences and interactions in so-called metaverses has the potential to create the perfect landscape for passive income opportunities, self-sovereign data monetization, entertainment and social interaction like never before. Pursue your passion and shape the future together with like-minded people.”

One of the most inspiring and mind-blowing experiences at MetaWeek featured a real metaverse engagement powered by Pax.world platform, engaging interaction with creators and community builders.

“The MetaWeek for us was a great success”, says Frank Fitzgerald, founder of Pax.world. “It was so wonderful to share what we have created with such a dynamic crowd and showcase what makes our metaverse different from the rest. The amount of positive feedback we received from people we met at the summit is inspiring and it's just going to push us to do more in the best way possible. We also had the pleasure of making some truly valuable contacts at the event and are looking forward to the next MetaWeek.”

The week agenda also featured a vibrant group of artists creating content in Metaverse development. A dazzling performance of Paris, a top international independent artist who defines herself as MetaWoman and whose video “Together” exceeded 22 million views on Youtube, gathered a crowd at MetaWeek events.

Paris, singer, digital artist, MetaWoman: As a Metawoman, I represent the multi-faceted lives of a modern woman. The Metaverse allows women to break through any boundaries, empowering them to give birth to new ideas and new perceptions on how to position women as leaders and doers.”

In partnership with NexChange  and in honor of International Women’s Month ACTVentures showcased top female-led NFT projects. A unique World of Women, Boss Beauties & Women Rise NFT “Stronger Together” was auctioned as an emblem of the spirit of women in Web3.

A digital art collection showcase brought together by Chico&Roco called “On the other side: new digital architecture in the age of metaverse” gained massive attention on site. The group of artists (Timo Helgert, Balkan Karisman, Marco Zagara, Julian Zett, Abstract Arc, Valeria Mata, Ruben Grig, Victoria Davydova and others) explored freedom of architectural imagination to create unique dynamic artworks, each presenting its own little self-regulated world.

About NexChange Group: NexChange Group is a venture builder and media platform specializing in Blockchain, FinTech, HealthTech AI, and Smart Cities.


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