Kuwait City/Hong Kong – Tsangs Group, as one of the founding members of the Hong Kong Ambassadors Club (“HKAC”), is pleased to announce the BridgeME Kuwait-Hong Kong Business Delegation which was led on 28 April - 1 May to Kuwait City in the State of Kuwait by HKAC founder and director, The Honourable Jeffrey Lam, GBM, GBS, JP, Member of the Executive Council and Legislative Council of Hong Kong SAR, along with HKAC founder and chairman Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, Hong Kong, an innovative global family office. The business delegation was supported by the Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in Hong Kong, Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Agency (“KDIPA”) and Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“KCCI”).

The participating delegates represent a group of advanced technology companies in clean energy, sustainability, food technologies, smart cities and robotics & automation from Hong Kong including A-Grade Energy, Rice Robotics, Green Monday, and EcoConsortium Hong Kong - the first digital carbon credit registry in Asia with family office Tsangs Group and investment and advisory company Bridge ME Limited and Blue Sky Scaling.

Meetings were held with key stakeholders such as Kuwait Investment Authority (“KIA”), National Technology Enterprise Company (“NTEC”), Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Agency (“KDIPA”), Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and Ministry of Electricity and Water of Kuwait, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“KCCI”), Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (“KISR”) and Kuwait University (“KU”). The HKAC Delegation was also hosted by a couple of prominent business families in Kuwait.

The Hong Kong Ambassadors Club delegation aims to establish strategic partnerships with key Kuwaiti agencies, including NTEC, KDIPA, and various ministries and institutions, expressing MoUs to sign for bilateral technology transfer and innovation development. Leveraging Hong Kong's expertise as an I&T Hub, in the Greater Bay Area, through the establishment of pipelines and co-investment platform between National Technology Enterprise Company (“NTEC”), Bridge ME Limited and Blue Sky Scaling, with the key ecosystem partners of HKAC such as the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (“HKSTP”) and Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation & Technology Park (“HSITP”), technology innovations and collaborations will facilitate global technology exchanges, particularly in clean energy, carbon credit registry, food security, smart city development, and material science. 

A-Grade Energy plans pilot programs for clean energy infrastructure through implementations of solar glass panels, fast EV charger facilities and others, with partners such as National Technology Enterprise Company (“NTEC”), Ministry of Electricity and Water of Kuwait to support the long-term sustainable and clean energy infrastructure development of the State of Kuwait. Such key development and achievement also aims to tackle the key challenge of Kuwait as the country faces electricity shortage regularly in the Summer period, while EcoConsortium Hong Kong (the first digital carbon credit registry in Asia) focuses on carbon credit projects.

Green Monday, the largest Asia’s food technology company from Hong Kong that addresses the food security issues in the world, addresses food security with lab R&D in Kuwait and production pilot collaboration with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (“KISR”) and National Technology Enterprise Company (“NTEC”). Discussions also encompass Healthcare & Medical Technologies, Smart Cities Development, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Food Technologies.

The Hon Jeffrey Lam, GBM, GBS, JP. said: “Hong Kong and Kuwait - as distantly as they look at a first glance - share many common denominators like the ambition to do business in various fields, the aim to grow global connections and their hospitality. We are proud of helping Sino-Kuwaiti ties to a new level. “

Patrick Tsang noted: “We are deeply grateful for the warm welcome and support the Consulate General of Kuwait in Hong Kong, the government of Kuwait, and their various institutions have shown HKAC and its delegates. Common investment opportunities in line with the Belt and Road Initiative (“BRI”) are endless and perspectives amid China’s reopening and a booming Gulf Arab region could not be better.“

The successful curation of the HKAC Delegation initiates a reverse business and government delegation from Kuwait to Hong Kong during the upcoming Belt and Road Summit in mid September, featuring the 1st Anniversary of Hong Kong Ambassadors Club as its highlight flagship event, alongside a business and investment seminar aimed at promoting Kuwait-Hong Kong partnerships.

Built on its successful first year that marked scores of delegation visits of Hong Kong dignitaries, entrepreneurs, and business people to the Middle East, HKAC set foot for the first time on the soil of the northern Gulf state, which can look at a long history of growing relations to China. State of Kuwait, a major oil supplier and member state of the Gulf Cooperation Council (“GCC”), and the Gulf Arab region. In 1971, Kuwait was the first Gulf state which entered into diplomatic relations with China. Kuwait was also the first Arab country that expressed its support for China's master plan, The Belt and Road Initiative (“BRI”) which observed its 10th anniversary in 2023. Launched by Chinese paramount leader Xi Jinping, BRI aims to economically integrate East Asia with Central Asia, the Middle East and GCC, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, with Kuwait being located in the focal point of the New Silk Road.

For interview requests about the delegation's mission, Sino-Arab trade ties, and China's Belt and Road Initiative please contact HKAC Executive Director Andre Kwok, Chief of Staff, Tsangs Group.


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