Kuwait: In a bid to enhance the well-being of delivery riders, talabat, the leading technology company, has launched the “Make a Wish '' campaign this May. This innovative initiative, part of talabat’s social responsibility program, aims to fulfill the personal wishes of riders, showing gratitude for their dedication and hard work.

Commenting on the campaign, Abdullah Al Mansour, Director of Communications, Public Affairs, and Corporate Responsibility at talabat Kuwait, said: “Our success is deeply rooted in the efforts and dedication of 3rd party delivery riders. Through the “Make a Wish” campaign, we seek to express our profound gratitude and appreciation in a unique and meaningful way.”

The campaign gathered individual wishes from delivery riders, which ranged from personal gifts like electronic devices and household appliances to financial support for personal goals such as wedding expenses or Umrah trips. Drivers expressed immense happiness with this generous initiative, reflecting talabat’s deep appreciation for their continuous efforts. 

Mr. Al Mansour emphasized that this initiative aligns with the company’s social responsibility strategy, highlighting that a rider’s welfare is a key priority to the company. He noted talabat’s commitment to providing the necessary support to improve their working and living conditions, recognizing the challenges they face.

The “Make a Wish” campaign is one of several initiatives launched by talabat to strengthen relations with delivery riders. The company aims to create a positive and motivating work environment for the riders by offering ongoing training programs to develop their skills, along with rewards and incentive programs to ensure their satisfaction and motivate them to deliver the best possible service to customers.

It serves to note talabat’s numerous initiatives dedicated to the health, safety, and wellbeing of delivery riders. One if its ongoing investments within this vein includes talabt’s rest-stations across Kuwait, purposely set up for delivery riders. With several of them built so far, the fully equipped stations were designed to provide shelter for riders evading harsh weather conditions or looking to take a short break between rides to enjoy some refreshments and snacks.

Concluding his remarks, Mr. Al Mansour reiterated that talabat remains keen on listening to riders to acknowledge their needs and aspirations, the same way it listens to its staff members. Even as third-party logistics partners, talabat views these riders as an integral part of its extended family and a key factor in the company’s continued success. talabat reaffirms its ongoing plans to continue developing initiatives that support their interests and well-being.