Cairo, Egypt. Remooz Inc., a blockchain provider and NFT marketplace powered by Hyperledger Fabric, today announces the soft launch of its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the Remooz NFT marketplace platform at The smart NFT marketplace allows for a user-friendly, highly accessible and socially-engaging platform where digital assets are traded in U.S Dollars, e-commerce style, and Utility NFTs greatly encouraged as the future of NFTs. It is free to register and mint NFTs on, and creators can easily create and build up content to focus on their community, all exclusively on the Remooz platform.

Remooz is also unique from most of the current NFT marketplaces as it is a blockchain platform based on Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source enterprise blockchain, private, energy efficient, fast transaction throughput and eco-friendly. As a change enabler and partner to companies that want to adopt and utilise blockchain technology to propel their businesses, Remooz work closely with customers to understand their business processes and help transform them to prepare for the future.

This user-friendly NFT marketplace announcement will genuinely help any creators (either with or without NFT-related technical know-how) from a wider backgrounds such as graphic designers, writers, artists or audio video content makers. They will really be able to ‘access’ and take part in the NFT space with far less hassle, risk and technical difficulty, all with a truly smooth and safer experience. With the many features offered by Remooz not currently available elsewhere or where some are being developed, Remooz opens up mass adoption, way more benefits and multiple positive implications for people and businesses globally who want to learn and participate in the blockchain and NFT ecosystem.

“Either serving the business-to-consumer (B2C)or business-to-business (B2B)segments, Remooz is redefining the blockchain infrastructure and making NFTs accessible to all,” said Marwan Salem, Co-founder & CEO of Remooz Inc.(for more information, watch this video) About Remooz


About Remooz

Remooz is on a mission to broaden NFT accessibility and enable mass adoption by individuals and businesses to use blockchain and NFTs in everyday use cases. Remooz is building both the technology and the platform to power the real world and our future digital ecosystem.

Marwan Salem, Co-founder & CEO, Remooz Inc.
United Kingdom