Dubai, UAE – Kutubna Cultural Center, Dubai’s newest independent bookstore and cultural center, today announced the opening of its new café. Located within the center’s premises in Madina Avenues, Nadd Al Hamar, Café Kutubna offers a blend of literary charm and specialty coffee.

Kutubna Cultural Center launched in 2023 and is known in the community for its curated book selection and diverse cultural events. With the addition of Café Kutubna, new experiences are now brewing for Kutubna’s patrons. The café draws inspiration from famous coffee shops in Chicago with their inclusive community spaces for art, music, and enlightening discussions for book lovers and coffee enthusiasts.

Café Kutubna serves a variety of coffee and tea beverages as well as fresh juices and mojitos. Coffee beans at the café are roasted by Emirati-owned Cazador Specialty Coffee Roasters. Currently, the café’s espresso-based beverages are brewed from Ethiopian beans, a naturally processed heirloom variety grown in Yirgacheffe. Arabica coffee grown in Yirgacheffe is spicy and fragrant and often rated as one of the highest-quality coffee types in the world. The decaf coffee on the menu is supplied by Falcon Coffee Roasters.

Tea lovers can enjoy single origin specialty tea sourced by woman-owned Hambin, based in Qatar. Hambin trades with tea farmers in Amoy, Fujian, the hometown of traditional Chinese tea and talented tea producers who still use traditional craftsmanship to make the finest tea and matcha. The snack menu includes brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cake, and fruit. Kutubna organizes many events for families and children, and kid-friendly items like cheese boards with fruits, babyccinos, and hot chocolate are also featured on the menu. The café is open daily from 10 AM to 10 PM.

In addition to coffee tasting events, Café Kutubna also offers espresso making workshops to teach people how different types of coffee beverages are made: Lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, etc. Participants can learn about different types of coffee beans, the role of grinding in producing delicious coffee, and how to get the best taste out of different beans. The workshops are affordable and created with accessibility in mind so people of different backgrounds can participate.

Shatha Almutawa, Emirati founder and director of Kutubna Cultural Center, said: “One of our goals at Kutubna is to build inclusive, creative, and intellectual communities. Café Kutubna is a space for people to read books and discuss them with others. We want people to attend meaningful events at the center and reflect on these events with friends at the cafe. The coffee

shop is a gathering place where friendships are built, ideas are tested, and where folks can come out of the isolation that busy lives and screens impose on all of us. We also want it to be a place where inspiration is ignited or re-ignited. We have seen people revive writing projects they had started but were too discouraged to continue in the past. Seeing them write with new vigor is exciting for us, and we hope to keep seeing more people find inspiration and hope at the center and Café Kutubna.”


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About Kutubna Cultural Center

Kutubna Cultural Center was established in 2023 as an independent bookstore and literary hub for Dubai and the Gulf region. Kutubna offers an inclusive community space to enjoy books, art, specialty coffee, and cultural events. Kutubna’s vision is to become a premier destination for literary and cultural enrichment in Dubai and the Gulf region.

Kutubna celebrates the accomplishments of Khaleeji, Arab, Middle Eastern, North African, and Muslim writers, poets, thinkers, artists, and researchers. We amplify these essential voices through lectures, readings, guided conversations, workshops, and other activities for people of all ages. Kutubna strives to make creative and scholarly pursuits accessible to people who are traditionally at the margins. We work especially hard to make cultural events easier for mothers with young children to attend.

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