Capital Bank announced its recent receipt of the Peacock Award for "Best Mobile Digital Banking" at the Middle East FinTech Summit held in Amman.

This accolade recognizes Capital Bank's outstanding digital banking solutions tailored for both individual and corporate clients, enriching their banking experiences and facilitating seamless transactions. The award also underscores the significance of the bank's digital transformation strategy, which has significantly revamped its operations and customer engagement.

During the summit, Hani Khalil, Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Capital Bank, participated in a panel discussion titled "Tech-Driven Transformation: The Future of Banking and Payments." Khalil emphasized the unprecedented challenges and opportunities confronting the banking sector amidst rapid technological advancements and evolving customer expectations. With customers increasingly seeking convenience, efficiency, and personalized services, Khalil highlighted the industry's shift towards digital reliance and stressed the importance of flexible business models, prioritizing customer experience, fostering innovation, and collaborating with fintech firms.

Khalil identified the decreasing use of cash and the growing reliance on digital transactions as both a challenge and an opportunity for banks. While requiring investments in digital infrastructure and innovative solutions to meet the rising demand for electronic payments, this transformation also presents an opportunity for banks to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and introduce innovative services.

It's noteworthy that Capital Bank recently earned the “Best Digital Bank” award in Jordan from Euromoney magazine. This recognition underscores the bank's unwavering commitment to customer-centric practices, innovation, and excellence in digital banking services.