Cairo - Allianz in Egypt launched this summer the “Free Roadside Assistance Initiative” offered for all travelers across Egypt, especially on the highway of the North Coast road.

The service facilitates immediate assistance by receiving all urgent cases on the road 24/7 free of charge after electronically registering with Allianz teams available on several spots on the Cairo/Alexandria road and in the North Coast.

Mohamed Mahran, Vice Chairman of Allianz Companies in Egypt pointed out that Allianz Egypt targets serving over 20,000 people with its free roadside assistance service.

“We are proud to launch the ‘Free Roadside Initiative”, which contributes to the comfort and safety of citizens during travel. The initiative stresses the company’s societal role in providing security and protection from road risks for the society at large,” Mahran said.

The service, he added, offers the best experience to users through the quick response to the emergency calls of drivers on the road.

“It further provides several advantages in cases of accidents or breakdown such as car towing to maintenance centers, ambulance service arrangement, delivering fuel, changing of car tires, charging batteries, and other key services travelers may need on the road in case of emergencies. The service is immediately provided just by calling the specified number,” Mahran explained.


About Allianz in Egypt:

Allianz is a multinational German insurer operating since 1890. With more than 86 million customers in over 70 countries, it has established itself as one of the world’s strongest financial communities. Allianz in Egypt, which comprises “Allianz Life Assurance Company – Egypt” and “Allianz Insurance Company – Egypt,” has a long, successful record in the Egyptian insurance market, providing comprehensive and integrated insurance services to business partners and individuals who require the best of local know-how based on extensive international expertise.