RIYADH — The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has revealed that the volume of coins, circulating outside the bank, has recorded an increase to SR938 million, by 22% during the month of August this year, 2022.

In its monthly statistical bulletin report, SAMA also showed that the comparison of coins during the same period during 2021 indicated an increased use of coins. It said that it had recorded at that time volume of SR768.5.

As for paper currencies circulating outside the bank, SAMA clarified that it has recorded a decrease to about SR171 billion, by %1.43- during August of 2022, compared to the same month of 2021, when at that time it had reached SR173.5 billion.

With regard the coins in circulation by denomination, (SR1) has recorded the highest currency traded outside SAMA by about SR517.5 million during August.

It is followed by the (SR2) reaching SR246.2 million, then (half a Riyal) by about SR109 million, (quarter of a Riyal) by SR52.5 million, then (10 Halalas) by SR8.3 million, (5 Halalas) by SR4.1 million, in addition to the (1 Halala) by about SR387,000.

While among the paper currencies, (SR500) is the highest currencies traded outside SAMA during August by about SR140.8 billion, then the (SR100) by SR21.9 billion, following by the (SR50) recording SR5.5 billion, (SR10) by SR1.4 billion, and (SR5) by SR1.3 billion.

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