A 49-year-old UAE resident experienced unusual swelling on his right buttock that increased rapidly in weeks. A doctor at a hospital in Abu Dubai found it was a “giant lipoma” which grew 20cm in size and weighed 5kg when removed.

Dr Gurusharan Singh, general and laparoscopic surgery specialist at Bareen International Hospital in Abu Dhabi, told Khaleej Times: “Had the surgery been delayed, the atypical lipomatous tumour could have infiltrated his vital blood vessels and nerves.”

A lipoma – a lump of fatty tissue that grows just under the skin – is rarely a serious medical condition. According to doctors, “most lipomas aren’t painful and don't cause health problems.” But in the case of Kewal Singh, the patient, his lipoma has grown in size and bothered him.

“The patient felt that the swelling in buttocks was increasing rapidly in size. He was not able to lie flat on the bed because of the swelling and also had difficulty in sitting and while walking he felt pain,” Dr Singh shared.

“My clinical diagnosis was giant lipoma and had advised immediate surgery. I assured him about the surgery and with the hospital team efforts, we were able to make all the pre-approval requirements for the surgery,” he added.

Dr Singh continued: “The histopathology turned out to be atypical lipomatous tumour. It was 20cm in size and weighed 5kg. If the surgery had been delayed the tumour could have infiltrated and involved the vital blood vessels and nerves and would have hampered the life of the patient. The patient did well post-operation and was discharged on day 3 after surgery that took only three hours. A follow-up meeting with the oncology team has been set to make sure the patient will be able to lead a normal life.”

Doctor’s advice

If you noticed a lump or swelling anywhere in your body, have it checked by your doctor.

Dr Singh said: “Atypical lipomas are the most prevalent and usually appear as asymptomatic softened tumours. They are locally aggressive but rarely lead to distant metastasis (also called stage IV cancer; metastasis is the spread from an initial or primary site to a different or secondary site within the body).

He added: “Some people have a genetic predisposition but an increased incidence of lipima is associated with obesity, diabetes, increase of serum cholesterol, radiation, familial tendency and chromosomal abnormalities.”

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