Tourism revenue rose by 10.6% from the beginning of the year to February 20, reaching 726.5 million dinars, according to monetary and financial indicators published Friday by the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT).

Cumulative workers’ remittances rose by 5% over the same period to 984 million dinars on February 20.

As a result, net foreign exchange reserves increased from 22.3 billion dinars (97 days of imports) on February 23 to 23.1 billion dinars (106 days of imports) at present.

Cumulative external debt service has risen by 163%, exceeding 4.5 billion dinars on February 20, 2024, compared to 1.7 billion dinars a year earlier.

Tunisia, on February 17, repaid a Eurobond of 850 million euros (principal) plus interest of around 47.8 million euros, making a total of 898 million euros (equivalent to 3 billion dinars).