Egypt - The Egyptian army continues its efforts in the field of removing the remnants and mines of the Second World War in the Western Desert.

According to a statement by the spokesperson for the Egyptian army, this comes “within the framework of keenness to provide a safe climate throughout the Egyptian state, which contributes to pushing the development wheel and maximizing the use of all areas suitable for the establishment of urban agglomerations and national projects on them.

Over the past years, the armed forces have continued their efforts in the field of removing the remnants of the Second World War in Western Sahara, which represents 22% of the total area of the country.

It managed to “remove more than 25 million mines, explosive objects and ammunition over the past years, which contributed to the implementation of a number of different urban and development projects in the areas from which these remnants were removed, which benefited the Egyptian state in various fields.

The projects in the cleared areas included “the establishment and implementation of the Hammam canal and the provision of areas for reclamation and cultivation in addition to research areas and oil extraction.،

Alamein was also cleared and land was used to establish development projects under the ministries of Agriculture and housing, in cooperation with the Executive Secretariat for mine clearance at the Ministry of international cooperation within the United Nations Development Programme,” he added.

Over the past years, the Egyptian army has succeeded in intensifying its efforts to clear mines in a way that culminated in the optimal use of land in various fields in those areas that are characterized by the availability of natural water sources and mining potential from oil and natural gas, as well as the possibility of establishing industrial parks, absorbing the current and future population increase, and establishing tourist areas.

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