BENGHAZI - Five Emirati planes arrived at Benina Airport in Benghazi city in Libya, carrying three rescue teams, urgent relief and medical aid, as part of the air bridge launched by the UAE to provide relief to the Libyan people.

Thousands of people have lost their lives and sustained injuries in the floods resulting from the heavy rains in the North African country.

The 64-member search and rescue team has started their missions with the necessary machinery, equipment and devices.

The total number of relief and medical supplies transported by planes from the UAE to Libya reached 200 tonnes.

The operation of the air bridge, which has so far operated eight aircraft, comes within the framework of the UAE’s response to support the brotherly Libyan people.

This mission aims to strengthen the efforts to alleviate the difficult humanitarian situation that Libya is experiencing as a result of the aftermath of hurricane “Daniel".

The Mediterranean storm caused torrents and floods that left thousands dead and missing, as well as, caused great destruction in a number of areas in eastern Libya.