30 April 2017
Tehran - Vice Governor of Economic Affairs of the Central Bank of Iran said that the ratio between Iran’s foreign debt and GDP has reached 2.5 percent and the ratio between foreign debt repayment and export has reached 6.2 percent that creates an appropriate atmosphere for foreign investment attraction to Iran.

Referring to the advantages Iran’s economy have for attracting foreign investment, Peyman Ghorbani said at the 4th Trade and Business Forum Iran Europe that lowering the inflation rate to below 10 is a result of President Rouhani’s administration.

Ghorbani said that Iran’s economic growth is positive now and that although a big part of the growth took place in oil industry, non-oil parts like agriculture, industries and mining have also experienced some growth. 

He mentioned Iran’s fourth rank in oil reserves, first in natural gas reserves, 10th in mines, 15th in tourism, and the big number of educated young population as among Iran’s economic advantages.

The Monetary and Banking Research Institute is now holding the 4th Trade and Business Forum Iran Europe in the IRIB International Hall. The conference started on April 29 and will finish on April, 30. 

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