Orders of German engineering companies rose 11% in February, driven by strong domestic demand, industry association VDMA said on Wednesday, warning, however, that the outlook for Europe's biggest economy was uncertain due to the war in Ukraine.

Orders in February rose 11% year on year, VDMA said with domestic contracts up 13% and those from abroad up 9%. "Given the uncertain consequences of the war in Ukraine and growing Russian aggression, this monthly figure has little significance for the future," said VDMA chief economist Ralph Wiechers.

"We will only see in the course of the year how badly the business in mechanical and plant engineering will be affected by the war and ongoing material and personnel shortages," he added. February CHANGE overall +11% y/y of which German +13% y/y foreign +9% y/y December-February overall +17% y/y of which German +16% y/y foreign +17% y/y

(Reporting by Madeline Chambers, editing by Emma Thomasson)