The US, the UK, Canada, and Israel are the top four countries that are hiring the most number of workers from the UAE.

The most popular roles that companies from the four advanced economies are hiring include software engineers, product designers, front-end developers, sales specialists, and trading contractors, according to Deel’s State of Global Hiring Report.

Companies related to information technology, financial services, and marketing and advertising are most taking UAE workers on board. Importantly, senior management roles, such as managing partners and CEOs have also started gaining popularity in the four countries as confidence in remote hiring continued to grow.

The UAE’s keen focus on the knowledge economy, attracting the best talent and embracing new-age technologies such as AI, cryptocurrencies, and metaverse make the country an attractive market for foreign employers to tap the best and most experienced talent.

Importantly, local universities have affiliated with top-ranked global educational institutions which makes the UAE curriculum in line with the best education in the world which affirms that UAE educational system is at par with advanced countries and meets the requirement for professional roles.

Additionally, the UAE’s status as a hub for a variety of sectors such as finance, trade, travel and tourism and hospitality also ensures that local workers are professionally strong, talented and qualified to handle global positions at ease.

The Deel study found that 37.6 per cent of the hires in the UAE were from ages 25 to 34; 28.7 per cent were 35 to 44 years old; and 25.1 per cent belonged to the 16 to 24 age bracket.

The global report monitored trends from over 260,000 worker contracts across 160 countries from January through December 2022.

While replying to a query about major incentives that prompt the UAE-based workers to agree to jobs in the four countries, Tarek Salam, head of Mena Expansion, Deel, said remote and flexible working offers plenty of incentives that are prompting UAE-based workers to join international businesses.

“For talent, it means better work-life balance, more autonomy, greater flexibility, and gaining experience at an international company with possibly higher salaries that can help boost the technology market in the UAE, a win-win for all.

He said the globalisation of the technology industry is growing, diversity is fast becoming the norm and a pillar that most organisations, from small startups to multinational firms, value.

“It's a promising sign that we're seeing increased representation from the Mena region and a growing interest in the recruitment of UAE talent. Its unique diversity provides technology companies around the world with plenty of talent and experience to help them meet their business needs,” added Salam.

Deel said salaries in the UAE are on the rise between five to 10 per cent across all job groups.


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