Doha, Qatar: Labour Permits Department at the Ministry of Labour received 36,347 applications in January, 2024.

There were 5,281 applications for new recruitment, 26,172 applications for general work permits (extension of the personal number), and 1,306 applications for special work permits (sponsorship of their relatives / Gulf / investor / beneficiary of a property), while the total number of applications for modification of the profession reached 3588 applications.

The Ministry of Labour released its monthly statistical bulletin for January 2024, showcasing key statistics and figures from the labour sector nationwide. This bulletin also contained outcomes from inspection visits to numerous establishments governed by the Labour Law.

Regarding inspection tours of labour recruitment offices, the statistical bulletin revealed the ministry conducted approximately 211 inspections. Out of these, 202 concluded without any remarks, while 5 warnings were issued for violation removal, and 4 companies were banned.

In January, the Department of Labour Inspection carried out rigorous campaigns to check establishments’ adherence to laws and ministerial decrees governing the country’s labour market. They undertook a total of 4,367 inspection visits across different areas.

These led to warnings for 668 companies to rectify violations, while 863 violation reports were issued against various firms. Additionally, there were around 1,466 inspections focused on work sites and workers’ accommodations, with 1,045 at work sites and 421 at accommodations.

With regard to labour complaints, the statistical bulletin showed that the Department of Labour Disputes received 2,959 complaints, of which 524 were settled, 147 of which were referred to the committees for the settlement of labour disputes.

The Department of Labour Disputes received 81 reports from the public, all of which were settled.

According to the monthly statistical bulletin regarding the labour dispute settlement committees, the number of cases referred to the dispute settlement committees during the past month reached about 518 cases, and the total number of decisions issued by the labour dispute settlement committees reached about 601 decisions.

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