Muscat – The enduring relationship between Kuwait and Oman is a testament to their shared sense of brotherhood, mutual respect, and cooperation.

Spanning centuries, the ties between the two nations have evolved from familial and commercial connections to a robust partnership, particularly evident during Kuwait’s most challenging times, such as the Iraqi invasion in 1990.

Oman’s unequivocal condemnation of the invasion and active participation in Kuwait’s liberation in 1991 showcased the sultanate’s commitment to solidarity and action.

Political engagements between the two countries have consistently reinforced bilateral relations for mutual development. Notable visits by the leaders of both nations, including the significant exchange in 1991 post-liberation and subsequent meetings, have underscored the depth of their diplomatic ties.

These interactions have covered a wide array of discussions on bilateral cooperation and regional developments, reflecting a shared vision for progress and stability.

The awarding of national honours, such as the ‘Order of Mubarak the Great’ by Kuwait to the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the reciprocation with the ‘Civil Order of Oman of the First Class’ on the late Emir Sheikh Sabah al Ahmad al Jaber al Sabah in 2009, further symbolises the profound respect and admiration between the two countries.

The frequent high-level visits, including condolence visits, highlight the personal and state-level bonds that extend beyond formal diplomatic relations.

Beyond the political realm, Kuwait and Oman have established a cooperation committee, actively engaging in regular dialogues to enhance collaboration across various sectors. The ninth meeting of the joint Kuwaiti-Omani committee in 2023 and subsequent agreements in education, economy, environmental protection, and industrial exports exemplify the commitment to advancing mutual interests.

Defence and strategic partnerships have also been a focus, with discussions aimed at strengthening ties in the defence sector. The oil sector, a vital component of both economies, has seen significant collaboration, notably with OQ8, a joint venture that marks a significant step in economic cooperation.

Cultural exchanges, such as the ‘Oman in the heart of Kuwait’ exhibition, showcase the deep cultural appreciation and shared heritage, bringing to light the creativity and artistic talents of Omani artists to the Kuwaiti audience.

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