Almost 88% of employers in the GCC technology sector plan to recruit permanent employees in 2023, Hays Middle East said in its GCC Salary Guide 2023. 

Technology remains the most active industry sector for hiring, with 77% of organisations increasing their headcount in 2022, driven by consistent local and foreign direct investment in focus areas such as data, cyber security and cloud solutions. 

“Despite uncertainty in the global technology sector, growth in the GCC continues at pace,” the guide said. 

As many as 219 companies globally have laid off more than 68,000 employees in January 2023, with tech giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, Spotify, TikTok and IBM implementing sweeping layoffs. 


The UAE is also expected to see 49% of employers ramp up their hiring of UAE nationals this year, as they work to meet Emiratisation quotas and diversify their workforce. 

On the other hand, the boom in Saudi Arabia’s industrial sector may lead to a focus on talent with experience, technical skills and operational knowledge. 

According to Hays, 82% of employees “firmly” believe they have the necessary skills to fulfill their role in 2023, while only 35% of employers “strongly” agree they have the talent needed for the coming year.  

“Employers and employees must work together to address this disconnect to ensure success in the future,” the guide stated. 

Sarah Dixon, Managing Director of Hays Middle East, said that 2023 could be a prosperous year for the labour market, with new jobs being created across various sectors in the region through investment initiatives. 

Hays’ report is based on comprehensive salary data for over 400 roles across 13 industries in the region. 

(Editing by Cleofe Maceda;