ABU DHABI - The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) announced on Thursday that pensions for May are due to be disbursed tomorrow.

This month’s pensions amount to AED646,085,610.82, which is an increase of AED59,468,297.02 in comparison to May 2021, during which the value of pensions amounted to AED586,617,313.80, the UAE pension authority explained.

GPSSA explained that the number of individuals entitled to a pension in May 2022 is 44,794, compared to 41,277 in May 2021.

These expenses cover Emirati nationals who are subject to the provisions of the Pensions and Social Security Law No.7 of 1999, as well as citizens and military personnel whose files are managed by the GPSSA on behalf of the UAE Ministry of Finance in accordance with the pension law by which they are subject to.