Riyadh: Ports overseen by the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) achieved an 8.09% increase in handled tonnage during May 2024, reaching 27,630,736 tons compared to 25,563,861 tons in the same month of 2023. This contributes to enhancing the Kingdom's leadership in the maritime sector, aligning with the targets of the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS) to solidify the Kingdom's standing as a global logistics hub bridging three continents.

Exported containers saw a 13.61% increase, reaching 255,297 TEUs compared to 224,720 TEUs in May 2023. Imported containers increased by 5.30%, reaching 260,065 TEUs compared to 246,968 TEUs last year. The total volume of general cargo reached 851,501 tons, solid bulk cargo reached 4,747,754 tons, and liquid bulk cargo reached 15,443,431 tons. Saudi Ports also received 1,014,417 cattle heads, a 76.56% increase compared to 574,550 cattle heads in May 2023.

However, handled containers reached 647,839 TEUs, marking a decrease of 10.09% compared to 720,569 TEUs in May 2023. Transshipment containers also decreased by 46.77% to 132,477 TEUs compared to 248,881 TEUs in 2023. Maritime traffic saw a 7.68% decrease to 986 ships, compared to 1,068 ships in May 2023. Passenger statistics also decreased by 35.31% to 56,636 passengers, compared to 87,548 passengers last year. Additionally, car statistics decreased by 19.45% to 74,590 cars, compared to 92,604 cars in May 2023.

Mawani has completed several qualitative infrastructure development projects in the Kingdom's ports since the beginning of the current year to enhance its competitiveness regionally and internationally and increase operational efficiency. These achievements have been internationally recognized, as evidenced by Mawani's receipt of the "Distinguished Infrastructure" award and the "Best Contribution to Economic Infrastructure Development" award.